Elastoplast Elastic Fabric Roll

Provides support

  • For fixation of dressings
  • For strain injuries

Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster

Elastoplast Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster has strong adhesion for long lasting wear. It is made from porous material, allowing the skin to breathe without compromising support. It can be used to secure dressings as well as being used as strapping tape to prevent strains or to support existing strain injuries.

How to use

Clean the wound and gently wipe away any foreign objects such as dirt or grit.
Dry the skin around the cut or graze very carefully.
Apply plaster without stretching, and avoid creases.
Use each plaster only once.
 Product  Type  Size  Quantity
Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster

1m x 2,5cm
1 piece
Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster   3m x 2,5cm  1 piece